Bite Adjustments

Many people suffer from occlusions (bites) that do not line up properly. This can make chewing difficult and tiring. It can lead to headaches, pain in the muscles associated with chewing and your jaw joints. Misalignments lead to wear and fracture of both your teeth and dental reatorations. The traditional treatment for malocclusions is orthodontics (braces) and this may still be the best option for you. However, there is another way to refine and align your occlusion (bite) that can help stabilize and protect your teeth. This treatment is called equilibration. Equilibration can range from simple to very complex depending on the degree of your misalignment.

The process of equilibration begins by taking impressions of your teeth and your existing bite. A special machine is used to determine if equilibration is the right treatment for you and what would be involved in the process. If you are a candidate then we gradually reshape your teeth so that they fit together in a more comfortable, stable position.

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